About Me

I am David Poluxt, owner of First Byte. More than a computer technician and website-designer, my other interests also include:

Cats & all things feline
Railroading & model railroading
Bicycling, running & health & fitness
Writing & literature
Small-town living & rural America
World War II history & trivia
Star Trek
Movie classics, and the greatest movie ever made:
The coolest car Detroit ever built: the late-60s Dodge Dart

My Education:
I was the first person to ever earn a dual degree in English & Chemistry from Ramapo College of New Jersey.
My education was then capped with a MS degree in Polymer Chemistry, which I unwisely chose to earn at the University of Akron.
I have been active in the computer industry since 1992, when First Byte opened for business. First Byte has been in the computer business in Pickaway county longer than any of its competitors.