My absolute favorites, in no particular order:

If you're really bored, you can read a list of all the books in my library now:
Abel Kenneth Blue Wall
Adams Douglas So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
Life, The Universe, and Everything
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Restaurant At the End of the Universe
Allen Charlotte Vale Somebody's Baby
Allen Woody Without Feathers
Side Effects
Getting Even
Baldacci David Total Control
Hour Game
The Simple Truth
The Camel Club
Barns Linda The Snake Tattoo
Beck Kathryn Bad neighbors
Beinhart Larry The Librarian
Bellow Saul More Die of Heartbreak
Adventures of Augie March
Betcherman Barbara Suspicions
Birmingham The Wrong Kind of Money
Block Everybody Dies
Hit Man
When The Sacred Ginmill Closes
Burglars Can't Be Choosers
Burglar In the Library
Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams
Burglar In The Closet
Burglar Who Painted Like Mondarian
Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling
Burglar Who Studied Spinoza
Burglar In the Rye
Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart
Burglar On The Prowl
Bond Larry Red Phoenix
The Enemy Within
Bradbury Martian Chronicles
Farenheit 451
The Illustrated Man
Brady James Paris One
Brown Dale Storming Heaven
Chain Of Command
Buchanan Edna Miami, Its Murder
Conents Under Pressure
Garden of Evil
Suitable For Framing
Nobody Lives Forever
Act Of Betrayal
Cach Lisa Dating Without Novocaine
Case John The 5th Horseman
Charyn Jerome Montezuma's Man
Clancy Patriot Games
Power Plays
Red Storm Rising
Cardinal of the Kremlin
Debt Of Honor
Op Center
Op Center Mirror Image
Op Center Balance of Power
Clear and Present Danger
Without Remorse
Sum Of All Fears
Rainbow 6
Executive Order
Clark Mary Higgins I'll Be Seeing You
Anastasia Syndrome
Clark Carol Higgins Snagged
Clausen Lowen First Avenue
Cobin The Innocent
Collins The Fifth Horseman
Black Eagles
Connelly Michael The Concrete Blonde
City Of Bones
The Black Ice
A Darkness More Than Night
Blood Work
Trunk Music
Angels Flight
The Last Coyote
The Black Echo
The Poet
The Narrows
Void Moon
Conot Robert The Nuremburg Gift
Coonts Fortunes ofWar
Cornwall Patricia Hornet's Nest
Unnatural Exposure
Counts Under Seige
Craig Wm The Strousbourg Legacy
Terminal Man
Crichton Airframe
Rising Sun
The Terminal Man
The Great Train Robbery
Daly Michael Under Ground
Davidson Diane Prime Cut
Deaver The Blue Nowhere
The Coffin Dancer
The Devil's Teardrop
Dieghton XPD
Spy Line
Demille The Rivers of Babylon
Plum Island
Up Country
The Talbot Odyssey
The Gold Coast
Word Of Honor
The Charm School
The General's Daughter
The Lion's Game
Night Fall
Deutermann PT Official Priveledge
Train Man
Dickey Cheaters
Sleeping With Strangers
Evanovich Janet Stephanie Plum 1-9, 12
Visions Of Sugar Plums
Full House
Fairstein Linda Likely To Die
Finder Joseph High Crimes
Company Man
Flannery Eagles Fly
Kilo Option
Flynn Don A Suitcase In Berlin
Follett Triple
Night Over Water
On The Wings Of Eagles
Hornet's Flight
The Hammer of Eden
The Key to Rebecca
The Third Twin
Folsom Allan The Day After Tomorrow
Forsyth The Day of the Jackal
The 4th Protocol
The Devil's Alternative
The Deceiver
Franken Allan Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
Franklet Duane Bad Memory
Friedman JF Above The Law
Garrison Paul Fire & Ice
Gerritsen The Surgeon
Gold Michael Jews Without Money
Goldman Marathon Man
Goldsborough Death On a deadline Nero Wolfe
Gobbel The Last Lieutenant
Greeley Happy Are The Oppressed
Green Karpov's Brain
Griffin WEB The Assasin
The Investigators
Secret Honor
Grisham The Rainmaker
The Last Juror
Runaway Jury
The Broker
The Summons
The Brethren
The Firm
The Client
The Chamber
A Time To Kill
The Partner
The Pelican Brief
The Street Lawyer
The Testament
Harris Robert Fatherland
Harris Thomas Black Sunday
Harrison Colin Manhattan Nocturne
Harrison Harry Make Room, Make Room!
Hart John King Of Lies
Higgins Night of the Fox
The Eagle Has Landed
The Angel of Death
Flight Of eagles
The Eagle Has Flown
Thunder Point
Year of the Tiger
A Season In Hell
The President's Daughter
On Dangerous Ground
Cold Harbor
Eye of the Storm
Bad Company
The Bormann Testament
Heller Catch-22
Something Happened
Good As Gold
Heller Jane Infernal Affairs
Name Dropping
Herbert Portent
Hoag Tami Still Waters
Guilty As Sin
Night Sins
Hooper Kay Stealing Shadows
Huchtausen Hostile Waters
Iles Gregg Black Cross
Spandau Phoenix
Dead Sleep
24 Hours
Turning Angel
Isaacs Shining Through
Compromising Positions
Red, White & Blue
Jackson Lisa Hot Blooded
Jennings Philip Nam-A-Rama
Jong Fear Of Flying
How To Save Your Own Life
Parachutes and Kisses
Inventing Memory
Kaminsky Liebermans Choice
Kellerman Faye Serpent's Tooth
Ritual Bath
Moon Music
Sacred & Profane
Keneally Schindler's List
King The Dark Half
Salem's Lot
Dolores Clairborne
Rose Madder
The Dark Tower
The Stand
The Tommyknockers
The Dream Catcher
Different Seasons
Koontz Dragon Tears
Klein The Running Mate
Land The Omega Command
Lankford Terrill Shooters
Lansdale Joe Writer of the Purple Rage
Leonard Elmore Killshot
Get Shorty
Out Of Sight
Cat Chaser
Split Images
Be Cool
Levin Sliver
The Boys From brazil
A Kiss Before Dying
Little Bentley The Policy
The Store
The Ignored
The Resort
The Revelation
The Walking
The Summoning
The Associate
Luber Philip Deliver Us From Evil
Ludlum Apocalypse Watch
Holcroft Covenant
Bourne Identity
The Scarlatti Inheritance
Lutz Night Caller
Lynch Carriers
The Policy
Mailer The Naked And The Dead
Tough Guys Don't Dance
Malamud The Tenants
Dubin's Lives
The Natural
The Fixer
The Assistant
A New Life
Mann Dog Day Afternoon
Marasco Burnt Offerings
Margolin The Associate
Wild Justice
Ties That Bind
McBain Ed Micheif
McBain Brief
Beauty & The Beast
The Big Bad City
3 Blind Mice
The Last best Hope
McMillan Terry Waiting To Exhale
Metzler The Zero Game
Michener The Novel
Michener Tales of the S. Pacific
Oates Them
Oconnell Carol†† The Man Who Cast 2 Shadows
Palmer Michael Side Effects
Parent David Meyer Is A Mother
Shiela Levine Is Dead and Living in New York
Parker Jefferson Pacific Beat
The Blue Hour
Red Light
Where Serpents Lie
Parker Robert Hush Money
Perish Twice
Bad Business
Shrink Rap
Double Deuce
Thin Air
Gunman's Rhapsody
Crimson Joy
Family Honor
Hugger Mugger
Night Passage
Back Story
Sudden Mischief
Cold Service
Looking For Rachel Wallace
The Judas Goat
Widow's Walk
Pale Kings & Princes
Hush Money
Paper doll
Paterson Silent Witness
Piniero Breakthrough
Potok The Chosen
Davita's Harp
Pottinger A Slow Burn
Preston Riptide
Di Prisco Joseph Sun City
Ramthon Bonnie Ground Zero
Reich Numbered Account
The First Billion
The Runner
Robbins The Pirate
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
The Betsy
Robinson Patrick Nimitz Class
HMS Unseen
Kilo Class
Robotham Michael Suspect
Rosenfeld Arthur Dark Money
Rossner Looking For Mr. Goodbar
Nine Months In The Life Of An Old Maid
To the Precipice
Roth Goodbye Columbus
Our Gang
Letting Go
The Ghost Writer
Portnoy's Complaint
The Great American Novel
The Professor of Desire
Rusch Kris Hitler's Angel
Sanders The Passion of Molly T
Sullivan's Sting
Seduction of Peter S.
Guilty Pleasures
The Anderson Tapes
Timothy's Game
The Timothy Files
The First Deadly Sin
The Second Deadly Sin
The Third Deadly Sin
The Fourth Deadly Sin
Love Songs
The 6th Commandment
The 7th Commandment
The 8th Commandment
McNally's Risk
McNally's Secret
McNally's Puzzle
McNally's Luck
McNally's Trial
McNally's Gamble
McNally's Caper
McNally's Folly
McNally's Chance
McNally's Alibi
McNally's Dilemma
The Dream Lover
Capital Crimes
Tangent Objective
Sandford Shadow Prey
Rules Of Prey
Certain Prey
Chosen Prey
The Devil's Code
Sudden Prey
Easy Prey
Eyes Of Prey
Night Prey
Winter Prey
Secret Prey
Mind Prey
Silent Prey
Saul John The Homing
Seymour Aramella Dangerous Deceptions
Shaw Bread Upon The Waters
Sheldon The Other Side of Midnight
If Tommorrow Comes
Sheldon The Doomsday Conspiracy
Silva Daniel The Unlikely Spy
Stephenson Neal Cryptonomicon
Steiberg Richard The Gemini Man
Streibel Anne Little Town Lies
Smith Taylor Guilt By Silence
Tannenbaum Reckless Endangerment
True Justice
Turkel The Good War
Turow Presumed Innocent
The Laws Of Our Fathers
Pleading Guilty
Burden Of Proof
Personal Injuries
Reversible Errors
Tyler Breathing Lessons
The Accidental Tourist
Updike Rabbit, Run
Rabbit Redux
Rabbit Is Rich
The Coup
Trust Me
Vonnegut Slaughterhouse Five
Palm Sunday
Mother Night
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
Cat's Cradle
Welcome to the Monkey House
Player Piano
The Sirens of Titan
Wallace Irving The Word
Wager Walter Time Of Reckoning
Wambaugh Delta Star
The Blooding
The Secrets of Harry Bright
Time Of Reckoning
Finnegan's Week
Echos In The Darkness
Fugitive Nights
The Golden Orange
Lines & Shadows
The Choirboys
The Blue Knight
The Glitter Dome
Weber Defcon One
Westlake Drowned Hopes
Bank Shot
Nobody's Perfect
What's The Worst That Could Happen?
The Hot Rock
Trust Me On This
Bad News
Good Behavior
Road To Ruin
Donít Ask
Why Me
Jimmy The Kid
Money For Nothing
Thieves Dozen
Somebody Owes Me Money
Cops & Robbers
The Hook
Put A Lid On It
Fugitive Pidgeon
Wiesel Night
Woods, Stuart Deep Lie
Capital Crimes
White Cargo
Worst Fears Realized
Blood Orchid
Sant Fe Rules
Swimming To Catalina
Imperfect Strangers
NY dead
Orchid Beach
Dead Eyes
Under The Lake
Cold Paradise
The Short Forever
Iron Orchid
LA Times
Wouk War & Remembrance
The Caine Mutiny
The Winds of War
Orson Scott Card Enders Game
Speaker For The Dead
Children of the Mind
Enders Shadow
Shadow of Hedgene
Shadow Puppet