Your résumé.
It is your handshake.
It is your smile.
It is your hello.
It is you--on paper.
It introduces you to the world.
Could any one single document be more important?
Of course not.

Which is why your résumé has to shine.
A well-written résumé gets attention; it shows the world that you took the time and energy to present a document that is sleek, professional, polished and letter-perfect--in short, a presentation that is exceptional.
A well-crafted résumé speaks volumes about your attention to detail, the quality of your work, and your commitment to your profession.

You do want a résumé that is exceptional, don't you?

In today's brutal economy, you can't afford to make even the tiniest misstep in your résumé.
As any human-resources officer or personnel expert will tell you, most companies now pre-screen résumés for typos, spelling errors and other writing blunders; any résumés containing errors are immediately dismissed, regardless of the applicant's qualifications.
Sending out a résumé containing even a single mistake is simply like throwing money down the drain.
When there are literally hundreds of people competing for a single job opening, your résumé has to scream.

That's where I come in.
I can craft a professional and attention-grabbing résumé for you.

What makes a résumé stand out?

First, it has to tell a story.
As we saw, your résumé is you on paper; it has to describe, in just a few brief paragraphs, who you are, what you can do, and how you can help a company.

It, by definition, has to be short and concise, and yet must also--at a glance--capture everything about you that a company might want to see.

Next, it has to entice.
It has to whet a hiring manager's appetite. After reading your résumé, you want the hiring manager to say "Hmmm, now that's the kind of person I'd like to meet and talk with."

It also has to summarize you professionally.

A hiring manager doesn't care about your tennis game, how fast you can run a 10K, or your awesome collection of Elvis memorabilia.
The hiring manager wants to see--at a glance--what you bring to the table.
What skills and experience can you offer? Are you a good fit with the job opening? Are you going to work hard? Can you do the job--with a minimum of supervision? Those are the questions on the manager's mind.

Finally, your résumé has to show some flair.

No matter what job you are pursuing, hiring managers are eager to see candidates who took the extra effort to craft a résumé that is exceptional.
Remember, the hiring manager is no doubt incredibly busy and under tremendous pressure to hire not just any employees--but the right employees. Put yourself in his or her shoes; the primary question any hiring manager asks is: why should I consider you?

Make it easy for the hiring manager to answer that question.
You should be hired because you are willing to go the extra mile--which is obvious because you took the time and effort to craft a résumé that's a grand-slam.

Why hire me to write your résumé?

I am a published author, I have 20+ years experience writing, and I have a degree in English.

I know how to write.
I know how to edit.
I know how to proof-read.
And I understand how important proof-reading is.

Unlike some of my competitors, I am not going to litter your résumé with amateurish grammatical, syntax and spelling errors.

In short, I can craft a document that will be outstanding--and will make you look outstanding.

Oh, and my prices are competitive.

email me to find out more.

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