Website Hall Of Shame

How Ironic: Website Designers Who Can't Write A Simple Sentence

How deliciously ironic.
The folks who want to design a website for you can't even do a very good job on their own website.
Here's the proof.
Today, I googled website design Columbus.
Every single one of the top 10 companies that came up had grammatical errors on their homepages.

So, ladies and gentlemen, in the category of website design, here are the top nominees for the Website Hall Of Shame.
Is your website well? Isn't this era driven? Idiotic questions posed on the very first page of Website Design Columbus
Next up: Marcy Design Services....where their knowledge help businesses. Yep, they say that. Right on their homepage.
Ever wonder if your quality leads are high on anything? Blue Laser Design poses that very question.
What, exactly, is knocks experience? Well, whatever it is, Clients Solutions Innovations has taken it to the bottom line.
Welcome to My Web WOW, where your business marketing can be small, your networking can be social, and where your engine optimization will search for you!
Quality Express Graphics assures you that they will "try out best to beat competitors." Oh. Perhaps they meant try our best. And this from a company that promises a "higher quality design."
As Olivia Newton-John so famously crooned, let's get animal! Visit Code Monkey and you can read about rights issues that are animal.
Now here's truth in advertising! JHWebWorks tells you right up front that it is full of it!
Aren't your problems refreshing? 2029 Web Design thinks so.
Imagine this: a company that bills itself as a communications firm manages to write three (count 'em! three) complete sentences without a single verb!
So much for the top ten website firms in Columbus. Below, find a sample of work from my only competitor in Pickaway County.
What are ny questions? And what, exactly, is a time fee? These and other profound questions are posed by Trents Website Services--a company that actually manages to misspell its own name!
Take a look at some of the, ahem, quality work being hawked on Craigslist:
What is a lack-there-of? Well, whatever it is, yours is a mess. So claims Webcellent Design--who also promises services to make sure your website is available to the internet!
Sam--who provides no last name, no email address, and no samples of his work--claims he has 15 years of experience designing websites. He then very cleverly insists that he is highly experience in Data Warehousing.
Web Designer 23 claims that he can provide high quality designs. So these quality designs--what, exactly, are they high on? This designer also "likes" to place "words" in quotes because, you "know," it makes "them" more important. Right? Finally, do you really want to hire someone who provides no name, no company name, and no references?
Ah, we come now to Christian Markmiller, who chides his competitors for poor use of english. Last we checked, English was capitalized. On Markmiller's website, he is classy enough to tell us Internet Explorer makes everything look like shit and is slow
Below, find some websites, printed advertisements, books, newspaper columns, and other materials that fall under the category of couldn't resist
Is your résumé too brief? Then perhaps, as Samantha Nolan--a certified professional résumé writer--suggests, you shouldn't be using that few of words. Ms. Nolan's column is printed every Sunday in The Columbus Dispatch. Join us for a tour of some of the laughable advice Ms. Nolan offers.
For a mere $1499, Everrest Media can design a flexable website for you. Still not convinced this would be a good value for your money? Check out this sentence on their website: They create custom solution to lead you success in The web marketplace, content manage system included!
LightBulb Interactive wants to convert websites into customers! Really. The company's owner--Dave Culbertson--says that right at the top of his homepage. He talks about the Dave Culbertson difference and how attentive he is, while also, ironically, treating us to gobs of sophomoric grammatical errors.
Your business needs a New Website! So claims an email from Pete's Website Design. The email--filled with grammatical errors--talks about a paced world which also happens to be fast.
Want some fat milk? Its free! So claims the Smart Balance homepage!
Don't you just hate it when your dishes crash? Check out this embarrassing advertisement from Accordance Systems
Manny Backus is a certified genius--according to this advertisement. Right. And yet ol' Manny--who has a 157 IQ--can't, apparently, write a simple sentence.
This email solicitation from First Page Plan cleverly includes typos, grammatical errors and misspelled words--ironic, given the fact that the email's author wants you to hire him to create press releases, articles, and websites.
Here's some more stuff in the couldn't resist category: résumé writers who can't write a simple sentence. Let's stroll through the résumé services that advertise most heavily on Craigs List.
The Resume Chick tells us that she creates ass résumés. And that her résumés are bad. Really. She says that right on her website.
In his Craigs List advertisement, the owner of Professional Resume Designs tells us that he can make your résumé read good. Would I lie to you? Take a look.
Just how much mass does a résumé possess? This profound question is posed by Robynn Storey of Storeyline Resumes.
What is a hand résumé? Well, whatever it is, Jaime Cooper makes sure it is crafted.
You'd want to hire a résumé writer who doesn't know the difference between plural and possessive, right? Check out Cynthia-4027588, who tells us that she is 50 year's old and that employer's are still looking to fill positions.